“Press to Click This.” Really?

I was going to start my very first blog with a nerdy introduction as to who I am and why I’ve decided to start up a blog in the first place. Then I slowly scrolled down my WordPress dashboard as I was setting up my account and read the four words I’ve enclosed in quotes up in my title.


If you’re on your PC, laptop or iPad, pressing something will most likely always lead to clicking. Right? I feel like this is a trick question. Or maybe a cutesy way of hazing me as I start on this new venture. Which just led me to think: Well, clearly WordPress needs me to point these things out, so sign me up! 

Give me time, people. I’m new to this “pressing” business.

Now, how can I briefly describe what my blogs will contain? Let’s see…

This morning, as I was running here and there getting the family fed, dressed, and ready for our daily school/work routines, my husband “accidentally” locked me out of the house while I was walking our dog. When he finally stopped laughing and let me back in, I tripped right over the cat who, when hungry, has perfected the art of performing his “crazy-8” walk right under my feet. There is a “Crazy-8” agility skill certificate out there somewhere with his name on it, I can promise you.

Then my 10-year-old decides we can’t move the car until we relocate the frog who is sleeping in the middle of our driveway, while my 4-year-old announces that no one is going anywhere until we find his blue police car. All I could think was: Oh they’ll find a police car alright. In front of our house hauling me away after I dunk their little faces into their cereal bowls. 

So you don’t need an introduction, okay? And you’re not getting one. All I will add is that I practice and teach yoga and it is my passion. Otherwise these monsters I call a family would have needed to institutionalize me a long time ago.

On that note, thanks for reading my non-intro and I hope you’ll press to click this blog on a regular basis. Namaste!

Or whatever.


2 thoughts on ““Press to Click This.” Really?

  1. I didn’t know you did Yoga. And I should have refused to leave FL until we found my model Police car. The light bar is here. The Box is here. No car. And you’ve seen my most recent movie trailer, I make good use of those models.


    • Surprise! I practice and teach it! I didn’t want to give too much away by the blog’s title, but you cracked the code. If it makes you feel better you can borrow as many police cars as you’d like from our house. I can’t be responsible for what happens if the boys hunt you down to return them, though.


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